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Your requirements are complex and simple standards are no longer sufficient? Then Wenzel Düsentechnik is the right partner for you.

Bulk solids technology/plant engineering

In agriculture, bulk solids technology and plant engineering, individual solutions often determine the survival of an entire harvest. The different requirements, such as the design of the silos or the existing process infrastructures on site, require a tailor-made product.

This is exactly what we deliver.


Coffee machines have become an integral part of the catering industry, but automated cleaning processes are still not the standard. One of the world's leading manufacturers of catering coffee machines was able to solve this problem with a customized solution from us.

See for yourself:

Food industry

Bakery machines are increasingly being used directly in the bakery store or branch. This means that customers receive fresh products at all times. It's a good thing that we use a great deal of design skill and innovation to keep the downtime of these machines to an absolute minimum.


Offshore Marine

For some years now, ships have been equipped with a special exhaust gas purification system to reduce emissions. The cleaning of essential components plays an important role here - and that's where we come in.

This is where we come in:

Pharmaceutical industry

Sterile work is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Spray shadows therefore quickly become a serious hazard in this highly sensitive cleaning field. Changes in container conditions are just one of many reasons why such weak points can occur. But there is only one reason to come to us with the solution: nozzle optimization solves the problem. And we know all about that.

We know all about that:

Pipeline technology

When crude oil is transported in cold environments, the waxes and other substances contained in the oil regularly condense in pipelines. These substances settle on the cooler pipe wall and clog the pipelines over time. So how can cleaning be carried out if the pumping process must not be interrupted under any circumstances? Quite simply: with the newt.

Our solution: the “newt”


Environmental technology

Reliability and price play an important role for companies in the environmental technology sector. Competition is increasing and so is the need for functional systems. Problems cannot be afforded - our knowledge and expertise in development and finding solutions can.


Packaging, label & shipping

In addition to the development and production of individual nozzle components, we can also label them with a corresponding article number for easier tracking or pack and send them to you in customer-specific packaging.


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