We develop and manufacture nozzles, work with you to optimize existing systems and support you in the development of new systems right up to the optimum solution.


By combining cross-industry application expertise, we develop customer-specific solutions for atomization and nozzle technology. We develop and manufacture nozzles in standard and special materials and adapt our nozzles to the given conditions. Together with you, we optimize existing systems and provide support for new developments. We work with you to develop the optimum solution.

Customized solutions for nozzle technology.

Special solutions

From prototype to series production.

Nozzle development


Our materials adapt to you.

Special materials


Nozzle technology: Modern machines for every problem solution

Special materials

Individual problem solutions often require individual materials. With modern machines and perfectly trained specialists, we can also provide you with the best possible support here.

Individual solutions in nozzle technology with special materials

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